About Us

Horizons Content Services is a language service provider assisting clients in the United Kingdom, Gulf region and other numerous countries. We provide our clients with a variety of language services through our highly qualified linguistic experts and cultural translators. We can help you break down barriers in order to build and nurture lasting relationships with your clients from all over the world. When starting a new translation project, we lay the foundations for a long-term cooperation with our clients. We believe that each individual client’s needs are not only paramount, but also inherently unique. Horizon Content Services is committed to optimising a consistent level of translation and language localisation, thereby providing our clients with a quality service in a global market where communication is instantaneous.
Horizons Content Services is positioned to assist clients anywhere in the world. Our headquarters is located in London and we work with professional translators both in-house and around the world.

What do you need from
your language service provider?

Once your project had been approved, you will be paired with a dedicated project coordinator. This will allow you to follow up on the progress of your ongoing project any time in order to adhere to your deadlines.

We are committed to delivering accurate results. Our team consists of native-speaking, certified linguists with more than four years of experience in the field, all of which have been carefully selected for their proficiency in individual languages. In addition, we have adopted an easy three-step process which incorporates translation, editing & proofreading (TEP) to ensure clients receive first-rate translation every time they engage us.

Easy Three-Step-Process
1. Start your project with us by sending your content to our sales department.
2. Receive an email confirming the translation submission date.
3. Receive your translated content in a timely manner.

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Quality Promise

Integrated professional services to meet your very specific needs.

  • Efficiency

    We understand that translations must be preformed quickly in order to meet stringent deadlines and that is why we believe efficiency is key. Our dedicated team of linguists, translators and local vernacular specialists work together around the clock to guarantee your translation projects are completed within budget, on time and with exceptional quality.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Our expert project managers carefully select specialised linguists who possess the requisite skills and experience in your business domain. Through their guidance, our managers oversee all projects in order to maintain high quality control standards and vetting for our employees.

  • Feedback

    We always review our work and obtain feedback following the submission of final projects so as to guarantee client satisfaction.

  • Privacy and security

    Horizons Content Services takes all necessary measures to adhere to privacy laws. We protect the confidentiality of professionally obtained information and only divulge such information under circumstances where we are legally obligated or if we are expressly authorised to do so by our clients.


Our services are focused on producing translations from Arabic to English and English to Arabic while ensuring all your projects meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.

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